The GGN was formed when a girl from Michigan met a girl from Wisconsin online and they had a chat.  One had an idea about a network for Gamer Girls and a background in marketing, the other had already established the Women of Overwatch.  They then partnered, and the Gamer Girl Network was born.  And here’s why…

If you are a woman and you play video games, sadly there is a good chance you have witnessed first hand the abuse and toxicity, (either in game or in an online community), that is directly aimed at women. We got sick and tired of it, and thought, we’re not going to take it anymore.  So we created our own network, that is full of love, happiness, support and fun.

Our first online community, Women of Overwatch, has a large, dedicated following of awesomesauce women who treat one another with respect. Women of Destiny is our second group, and more titles are coming soon.

If you are looking for an all inclusive group that accepts every woman for who they are, then you have come to the right place.  Join us and become a part of a rapidly growing group of women who want to game, but without any of the BS.

The GGN will be giving a % of profits to support various women’s charities in England and the United States.

Wanna get in? Click the links to join…

Meet your founders

Jean Paldan

Jean Paldan is a web designer and marketing guru by day with a pretty serious video game addiction by night.  She originally hails from Michigan, US, but relocated to Oxford, UK over 16 long years ago where she re-established her web design firm.  She is married to a lovely Englishman, and they have three awesome daughters (only one of which plays Overwatch with her, much to her dismay).  She is homesick regularly and pines for Taco Bell.  For Overwatch, she’s on PC-EU. 

Maritza Millard

Maritza Millard lives in Wisconsin, and recently married the woman of her dreams. When she’s not at work managing her team, she’s dominating in Overwatch on PS4. She constantly aspires to make a difference in all the ways she can, but specializes in spreading positive encouragement among women, and making sure every woman has a voice – no matter what the rest of the world says. Ultimately, she finds the most enjoyment spending quality time with her wife and 4 sweet fur-babies.

Admins & Moderators ...coming soon...